02 November 2010

Candy and all those Good Halloween Treats

This year was one of the few that we did not trick or treat with my family.  Usually October 31st means a visit to my parents, with all the grandchildren, for dinner, drinks and trick or treating.  Since The Boy's 2nd Halloween (he was only two weeks for his first so it doesn't count), we've done all but two Halloweens with Grandma and Papa.  One Halloween was spent on a plane and the other was spent in Iceland.  Now that PFF has joined the FS, we (I) have to get used to the idea that things will be done a little differently.  This Halloween really drove that idea home.

Halloween with Grandma and Papa always included quick dinner.  Sometimes homemade and sometimes take out, but always quick and always delicious.  Dinner was followed by the adults filling their red cups of whatever libation we were enjoying; Papa getting the cigars ready for himself, Uncle Jeff and me; and the kids getting their costumes finalized and their goody-bags ready.  Then we were off.  We always had a good time.  The kids enjoyed the trick or treating, comparing their booty, and racing to the next house.  The adults enjoyed the camaraderie amongst ourselves and with other adults along the route.

That is the part I will miss the most.  Or at least I thought I would.  This Halloween, we went trick or treating with some new FS friends.  They have two young children as well and all four kids get along very nicely.  It was a beautiful night for being outside and the kids enjoyed the trick or treating, comparing their booty, and racing to the next house.  The adults, and there were a lot of adults that night, enjoyed the conversation.  I was telling about Halloween back home and when we gave the kids a bathroom break, our new FS friend came back with a red cup for me.  Now it was not what was in the cup that put a smile on my face, it was the cup itself.  It was kind of a sign that our future Halloweens, and all our other holiday traditions, may be a bit different now that we are part of the FS, but  it will all be ok.

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  1. We miss you guys already! We hope you had a safe trip to post. Send us pictures when you can!! I linked to your blog in the weekly roundup :)