03 December 2010

I've Never Eaten That Before! - State Department Weekly Blog Round-Up

 I love to eat!  I mean I LOVE to eat.  Thankfully I come from, and have, a family that are not picky eaters.  This makes my life a whole lot easier.  We'll eat pretty much anything and are always more than willing to try new things.  Heck, my nine year old daughter has a blog dedicated to restaurant reviews (shameless plug).  This is how much food is a part of our lives.  So with that character flaw, it was easy to come up with a theme for this week's Round-Up.  

The submissions I've received in response to this week's theme have been amazing.  Some are just so funny that I've had tears rolling down my cheeks!  So without further adieu, here is what some FS bloggers have eaten from around the world!


Jen wrote about her husband Pete trying two of Iceland's national delicacies.  If a picture is worth a thousands words, then the look on Pete's face would  sum up his opinion of the hakarl (putrefied shark).  Jen also includes a picture of another Icelandic delicacy...

The food I never thought I would eat, I also encountered in Iceland.  I also learned a valuable lesson - never go grocery shopping without your English/[insert local language] - [insert local language]/English dictionary.  Shortly after arriving in Iceland I went grocery shopping and bought what I thought was corned beef.  It wasn't.  What I had purchased, cooked, eaten, and threw away was salted foal.  Yep - Mr. Ed, or Mr. Ed's son.  I found out later, that when grilled just so, Mr. Ed is pretty good.  My daughter was taking riding lessons at this time (she LOVES horses) and she thought she was eating beef so I said nothing to her.  A few months later she mentioned that she knew it was horse, but she is all about the food chain and likes being on top! 


Becky at Small bits has had some amazing culinary adventures.  She has had so many that she could not fit it all into one post.  Becky I want to have dinner with you some time!  In addition to her stories - chicken feet?  Seriously?! - she provides some coping strategies in the case where you absolutely cannot stomach the food.


Cyberbones is also not a picky eater.  Shannon grew up eating a variety of foods and it looks like her kids are having a similar experience due to the FS life style.  There is, however, one food she absolutely will NEVER eat again though, and her story (and picture) are hilarious!  Shannon, I thought it looks like a puffer fish!  She also mentions one food that she will never even try.  She has a picture of this "food" and based on the picture, I would have to agree!  YIKES!!!!


Sara over at WIFE - MOMMY - WOMAN thinks she doesn't have anything exciting to add to this week's Round-Up.  I say baloney (have to use a food word, right?).  She has found out that Costa Rican peanuts are just like American peanuts.  I have a question for you Sara, do the Costa Ricans make peanut butter?  


Whale Ears and other Wonderings, like many FS bloggers, has had exciting food adventures world wide.  Connie is missing her ploughman's lunch and a good Yorkshire pudding.  

Jill over at Run 2 New Places literally just landed at their first post in London.  She just found out what Stinking Bishop is, but I've yet to find out if she has tried it.  She did, however, enjoy the hake (rhymes with rake).  Jill, check in with Connie for restaurant recommendations!


Connie also spent some time on the isle of Crete and ate blindly a lot of the time and still found the food amazing.  She also has some sage advice regarding street food.  I had to chuckle reading this part of the post.  When I was in Crete I was offered something to drink by a linens vendor whose store I was visiting.  I didn't want to appear rude so I accepted and sipped it cautiously.  Big mistake.  I should have shot the drink back as intended as it was Raki!  Of course after another shot, I did walk out of there having purchased a few table cloths...


Sadie Abroad just received her UAB and HHE so she is up to her elbows in boxes and packing materials.  Her cats are loving her!  I did notice a prior post of Sadie's where she laments the lack of bacon.  Sadie, I have a friend who just arrived in Dhahran and she's having pork product withdrawals already!

I want to thank everyone who submitted posts for this week's Round-Up.  I love reading the different blogs and find them funny, touching and completely relatable!  Make sure you check in with Lauren at Adventures in... for next week's Round-Up.  Her theme is What (not) to Wear.  Can't wait to read what the State Department Blogsphere has to say on this topic!


  1. One of the best things of traveling is trying the food! Thanks for the fun theme!

  2. Great job! Hopefully next time the week won't go by so quickly and I can participate! :) I loved reading what you wrote!

  3. Great roundup! Thanks! Unfortunately Costa Rican's don't make peanut butter, and we buy our Peter Pan online and have it sent.

  4. i had cow's tongue seviche that was quite good. My friend, Gabriella, invited some of the Aquitaine people over and that's what she served...along with plenty of aquardiente (from Columbia) looks like vodka, tastes like sambuca.

  5. Hmmmm. I think I'd have to have the aquardiente first and probably lots of it before eating cow's tongue!