11 November 2010

A Summary of My First Week in Oslo - in Haiku*

Well we've been in Oslo for a week now and in lieu of writing a lengthy post of my experiences, I wrote the following Haikus.

Snow on ground today
Coats, hats, gloves, boots in transit
Freezing my a$$ off

Snoring, Snore, Snoring
Nowhere to hide from the noise
Where are the earplugs

Drill, drill baby, drill
Construction on our building
Sounds the same world wide

Left mine in DC
Need to find a running pal
Butt won't fit in pants

UAB is here
Temporary apartment
Where do boxes go

Please, please go to sleep
Jet lag messing with the kids
Mommy needs her rest

Just saw our new house
Holy awesome water view
Can't wait to move in

Crisp, clean smelling air
Smell of wood burning fire
Yes! A fire place

Fly economy
Adds insult to injury
Walking through first class

Meet his coworkers
Everyone was very nice
Think I'll like it here

Smack dab middle seat
Big and tall in front of me
In my lap whole flight

Sponsors stocked our shelves
Flowers, food and even wine
We like the sponsors

Foreign appliance
Need a translator to use
Hope the things are clean

Friends around the world
Computers make this easy
Internet and Skype

What's the exchange rate
It is very expensive
Will lose weight quickly

Do you want a pet
Said in front of my Princess
All she talks about

Home school in new place
All sorts of new distractions
Time for vacation

Time to see old friends
Friendly faces on the ground
Camilla and Pam

PFF to leave
First business trip of this post
Two full days on ground

Mommy, Mommy, MOM
Electronic sitter gone
Where is the TV

Thank a Vet today
Sacrifice and suffering
Include their loved ones

I want a bunny
Perseverating on this
This has got to stop

Shut down on Sundays
Reminds me of good old days
Spend time with family

*I got the Haiku idea from Jan at oglesandobservations.wordpress.com.  Loved your Haikus Jan and Happy Birthday!


  1. Best blog post ever! Love the haikus!

  2. I've been following your blog :-) I was an exchange student in Norway 90-91. I lived outside Hamar in a small village. You are in for a wonderful experience in Norway. Enjoy every minute!

  3. these are great! I am looking forward to reading your blog as Oslo is one of my far-off dreams (though I'm not sure I could stand the cold!). I'm starting A100 in Jan. Good luck settling in!

  4. I love it! Thanks for keeping us posted on how things are going in Oslo.

  5. Wonderful post! Can't wait to see pictures from your awesome view.

  6. Pictures, pictures, pictures, can't wait to see photos of the new digs and tell Jo thank you so much for the comment, it totally made my day!

  7. Loving your haikus
    Can't wait to see water view
    Hope you settle in

  8. What a fun post!!! We just heard the Norwegian Ambassador speak today at a Christmas Tree lighting here in London. I look forward to reading about your adventures!