23 October 2010

A New Tradition

Let me begin by saying that I love food.  Good food.  And I love a nice glass (or two...) of wine.  A good, full-bodied wine.  I also love my family and friends. Now add those things together and I'm in heaven!  The dilemma I now face is how to hold this combination together as we depart in two short weeks for our first overseas post!

I am fully aware that I can get good food and good wine pretty much anywhere in the world.  This is a good thing given the whole Foreign Service "worldwide availability" requirement.  I am also willing to admit that I have quite an appetite and am willing to try new foods.  Lucky for me, my husband and my children are of the same mind when it comes to food.  The difficulty lies in the family and friends part of the equation.

Our immediate families are on the East Coast and, while they love to travel and visited us while we were in Iceland, they will no longer be just down the road.  Our friends are a little more geographically wide-spread (talk about "worldwide availability"), but we are again faced with the bulk of them not being geographically convenient.  Which brings me to one of the benefits of our new post.  Two families with whom we became very friendly in Iceland have relocated to Norway.  I haven't seen these friends since the summer of 2009 so I'm over due for some serious face time.   

Which now brings me to starting a new tradition.  I was reading a foodie magazine recently and saw this great article about a woman who had an open house luncheon every week.  She and her husband issued a standing invitation to all their friends and family to their house every Sunday.  The author of the article got the idea from the Sunday dinners her mother-in-law held.  I LOVE this idea!  What a great way to combine three of the things I love about life.  I know for a fact that I can get some awesome seafood in Norway and I assume that I can also get some great wines there as well.  Throw in the friendly faces on the ground and we're in a prime position to start the new tradition.  What is even better?  This is a tradition that will be easy to bring with us on our worldwide availability!

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