14 March 2011

London Calling

Tower Bridge
     The Boy and I went on our First Annual Mother-Son weekend the first weekend in March.  Why London?  It was close.  It was relatively inexpensive.  We got to visit with some good friends (who were phenomenal hosts) .  Why just Mother-Son?  Well I really think it is important for parents to have 1:1 time with their kids.  PFF and I have special time with the kids each week.  One week it's the boys and the girls, the next week its boy/girl and boy/girl.  The kids feel special, hence the "special" time, and they really open up and talk.  I think THAT is great.  Now that they are a bit older, I wanted to have some extended time with each of them.

Running out of steam. He fell asleep at dinner.
London Eye
     So anyway, The Boy and I went to London and had a blast!  We walked, bused and tubed all over London.  And we rented bikes and rode around Hyde Park too!  On the Friday, as we walked towards the London Eye, The Boy said "Mommy, this has been a really great day."  You can't pay enough money for a comment like that one!  

   We also saw Stomp at the Ambassador Theatre.  What an amazing show!  The performers are in such incredible shape!  After each routine, The Boy would turn to me and give two thumbs up.  Again, a priceless experience.

     One thing I experienced for the first time was the weekend food market.  I'd never been to one before, but I will be sure to go again.  The sights, the sounds, and oh the smells!  The Boy was surprised, pleasantly, that you could sample some of the food.  We had a variety of curries, olives, mulled wine (me not him), cheeses, tea, cookies, brownies, hams, and so many more goodies to eat I felt like the Mr. Creosote!
Cheese!  I felt like Wallace!
Turkish Delight.  The Boy was in love with this stall.
Making Duck Confit - the smell made my mouth water!
The smell of fresh made bread was insane!
Meringues bigger than my fist!

     Just looking at these pictures and writing this post puts a smile on my face at the memories.  The Boy really had fun, as did I, and is already talking about what we should do next year.  I can't wait!

An exhausted Boy on the way home.


  1. The food looks amazing! So jealous, but glad you guys had a good time. I also completely agree with the 1:1 time. We can't do weekends away right now, but even nights out are great fun.

  2. London loved having you here!! :)

  3. I'm so happy to see my kids having fun with THEIR kids......Many parents do not have the time (financially) or - sad to say - the inclination- to want to spend time with their kids......This bonding is so-o-o-o important in a child's life for his/her growth and maturity.....Love U my darling daughter.....XO Mom